Derek Ramsay has no Controversy with Ai-Ai de las Alas

Derek Ramsay, the hunk actor said there is no rift between him and Comedy Queen Ai-Ai de las Alas.

The issue surfaced after Ramsay failed to attend de las Alas’ show last month. It was also a benefit concert for the Philippine Movie Press Club.

He felt very bad that he was not able to attend the event because he was sick.

Ramsay hears about the write-ups and he understand where they’re coming from.

They were very disappointed in him, he apologized and and wanted to gain that trust back.

Though, he fully understands the issue and has already apologized for what happened, Ramsay admitted that he is still affected by the negative reports.

Meanwhile, Ramsay’s friendship with de las Alas never changed.

Ramsay went to Miss Ai-Ai’s birthday party the other day and said Ai-ai was wonderful and was actually defending him.

Ramsay is currently preparing for a movie with Bea Alonzo.