The Daughter of Robin Padilla Queenie Quits Showbiz because of Embracing Islam Faith

Actress Queenie Padilla, the daughter of Robin Padilla has quit showbiz for embracing Islam faith.

Queenie finds inner peace and direction in life in Islam because it is a way of life.

When she starts to become a Muslim, she knows her purpose in life.

She was once a sinful person, but God (Allah) invited her to His house and she is close to Him, Queenie explained.

Lately, Queenie performed the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Makkah in Saudi Arabia.

After the Hajj, she has become a totally different person and it’s because of Islam.

She was unhappy, lost and felt she never belong when she was still in showbiz.

But now that Allah is her life, ‘Alhamdullilah (With the grace of God), Lailla illalah (the one and only God), she is so happy and contented in her life, Queenie added.

As she enjoys her new life, Padilla said She will not go back to show business, as she enjoys her new life now.

Queenie thanked her father, action star Robin Padilla because he introduces her to Islam, and gives her the chance to perform Hajj.

She loves her father, without him, she might not have been a Muslim.

Her relatives and friends in Saudi Arabia were inspired by her new image.

When she returns to the country, she will share her experiences she has in performing Hajj.