Jinggoy Estrada Offers their Tanay Family Rest House and a Pony For Gloria Arroyo’s House Arrest?

Joseph Estrada, the former president, lauded the ‘hospital arrest’ of former President Gloria Arroyo.

Estrada wishes her a speedy recovery so she can serve her sentence for the non-bailable crime of electoral sabotage.

He said, that when the case is filed, it will be the time that justice should be served.

It could be recalled that Arroyo had sent Estrada to jail after she ousted him from office in January 2001 and was charged with plunder, a non-bailable crime, before the Sandiganbayan.

Estrada was in Singapore when Arroyo was served an arrest warrant, after electoral fraud charges were formally filed in court.

Arroyo tried to fly to Singapore last Tuesday for a medical treatment but was prevented by airport authorities to board her plane.

When Estrada was asked if his presence in Singapore had anything to do with Arroyo’s planned trip, Estrada said, he is Arroyo’s ‘advance party’ there.

Jinggoy offered the family rest house in Tanay, Rizal for former President Arroyo. They also have a pony there, that Arroyo can use in going around.

Jinggoy said, Arroyo had committed many sins against the Filipino people, so her arrest and detention is long been overdue.