Kaye Abad is Open for Possible Reconciliation with Former Boyfriend Chito Miranda

Kaye Abad shared that she and her ex-boyfriend Chito Miranda parted ways in good terms.

The actress clarified that she is the type who would go for a clean break-up because she values her friendship with Chito.

Asked if she has any regrets about their relationship, Kaye was honest enough to say that she’s open to rekindle her romance and for a possible reconciliation with her former boyfriend, if that’s what the future holds for them.

It was a mutual decision for them to set aside their relationship in favor of other opportunities coming their way.

Although it was her who wanted to experience more from her showbiz career, Kaye insisted that Chito was never a possessive or jealous type of boyfriend.

Rumor has it though that she has found love again with her former on screen partner Guji Lorenzana.

But Kaye maintained that she hasn’t dated anyone since her breakup with Chito.

Kaye’s best friend Carol Banawa also clarifies statement regarding issues that Kaye Abad already has a child.

Chito Miranda also admitted that he has not courted anyone since his breakup with Kaye.