Toni Gonzaga Attends Special Screening of “Tum, My Pledge of Love” Premiere

When Toni Gonzaga attended the special screening of “Tum, My Pledge of Love” at Rockwell Cinema, her problem with friend Mariel Rodriguez was already a thing in the past.

The actress-singer with sister Alex Gonzaga, attended the special screening because it was one way that she could repay the support of Mariel Rodriguez to Toni’s premiere nights and concerts.

Toni Gonzaga came late because she came from a shooting of a Star Cinema’s movie with Eugene Domingo.She was thankful that Director Joey Reyes allowed her to adjust her schedule.

About the issue of sibling rivalry between Toni and sister Alex, both of them have a lot of shows. Toni clarifies that there is no sibling rivalry between them. Toni is the one who encourages her sister to join showbiz.

Toni Gonzaga is currently hosting Happy Yipee Yehey while Alex is busy with her popular teleserye, Babaeng Hampaslupa.