A Lifetime Achievement Award is Given to Nora Aunor

In the 13th Cinemanila International Film Festival, Nora Aunor was given a Lifetime Achievement Award along with Italian director Dario Argento.

Aunor was one of the two celebrated recipients of the 13th Cinemanila International Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The achievement award was given to Ms. Nora Aunor for her unparalleled contribution to the Philippine cinema.

Aunor personally graced the event and happily received her recognition.

Earlier, the Superstar received also honors from the PMPC Star Awards for Music, and was also recognized as one of the Icons of Original Pilipino Music.

Director Tikoy Aguiluz said that the award for Nora had been long overdue. He is the director of Aunor’s comeback movie, ‘El Presidente.’

Albert Martines also said that Aunor’s award is all worth it because we only have one Nora Aunor.