Lorna Tolentino Says TV5 Offers Her the Best Deal

In ‘Glamorosa,’ TV5 is treating viewers and actors into the wonderful life of the rich and famous.

The new series revolves in a world which is populated by cosmetic surgeons with their wealthy clients.

Lorna Tolentino and Alice Dixson are fortunate in leading the cast of ‘Glamorosa,’ where they play competing cosmetic surgeons. The two actresses also shoot their scenes in favorable circumstances.

Lorna reveals that their new series carries the same tested formula for the success of a drama serial.

She says teleseryes in the top 3 networks basically work around the same themes, but she prefers to work with TV5 because it offers her the best deal.

Lorna has a guaranteed contract of 140 working days spread out within 3 teleseryes or possibly a movie within a 2-year period.