James Yap Denies Dating Isabel Oli

James Yap denies that he is dating Isabel Oli.

James and Isabel are rumored to have been dating in a Mall and in Resorts’ World in Pasay City.

James clarified that they were not on a date when they were seen strolling in a mall but it was an accidental meeting.

He admits that Isabel Oli is a friend. Their friendship is a result of they’re being both Cebuanos. As a friend, he invited Isabel on his birthday.

James says, when he is ready to enter into a relationship again, he will be the one to announce it to the public.

James Yap is a basketball player. He is married to Kris Aquino,the host of The Price Is Right and they have one son.

Maria Olivia S.. Daytia is the real name of Isabel Oli. She is a model and TV/movie actress.