Sexy Star Ramona Revilla is Back and Marries Her Fiance

Former sexy actress Ramona Revilla is successful in her romantic relationship with her boyfriend as well as with her career.

She’s back in the country and married her fiance, a 28-year-old American naval engineer, Fred Farrell on November 4.

Before the wedding, she received hate messages online from netizens who thought she is Ramona Bautista, the half brother of Bong Revilla and was implicated in the murder of Ramgen Revilla.

She was shocked because people said she’s a murderer. She did not have much time to clear her name because of the wedding.

The former sexy star is a Persian-Filipina, whose real name is Mohsyl Ensafian.

She is also a friend and neighbor of Ramgen and she hopes Ramgen’s death will be given justice soon.