Toni Gonzaga Shares her Midnight Curfew has been Extended

Toni Gonzaga does not go out of town alone with her boyfriend Paul Soriano.

Gonzaga revealed that she went out of town in a day trip with her sister and their friends in Tagaytay.

Toni also happily shared that her midnight curfew has been extended after four years but only if it’s a work-related event.

When asked if she ever thought about meeting Paul in secret, Toni said it’s something that can’t escape her mom’s notice.

Toni never also thinks of living independently so that she can do as she wishes because she can now afford to buy her own house.

Toni clarified that she has no complaints about her strict mom’s upbringing because her mother is just doing what is good for them.

Toni Gonzaga is presently hosting ‘Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited.’