Additional Police Personnel are Deployed to the Hospital to Secure Ramgen Revilla’s Girlfriend

When authorities heard the statements that implicated the alleged killers of Ramgen Revilla, they gave a tighter security to Ramgen’s girlfriend.

Additional police personnel were deployed to ensure her safety in the hospital where she is now recuperating.

In her statement Manahan recalled how the masked gunmen entered her boyfriend’s home on October 28 minutes after she opened the door for Ram’s sister, Ramona Bautista.

She then, asked Ramona to call an ambulance after the incident but Ramona never came back.

Ramona allegedly conspired with her younger brother, Ramon Joseph to kill Ram.

Meanwhile, in the statement of Ramgen’s personal assistant, he said that in the past few months, the victim has not been on speaking terms with Ramona and Joseph because of disagreement over money.