Luigi Muhlach Admires His Dad’s Generosity & Humility

Luigi Muhlach wants to be like his father, Aga Muhlach.

Luigi admires Aga’s some qualities like his generosity and humility.

His relationship with the award-winning actor is okay, contrary to some people’s notion.

Although he does not live with his dad but Luigi said, every week they see each other.

Luigi is the son of actress Janice de Belen to Aga.

Meanwhile, the younger Muhlach has stumbled at some points in his life but Luigi has risen above the trials, with his father Aga Muhlach serving as inspiration.

During the time when his mother struggled her separation to her ex-husband, John Estrada, Luigi turned to drugs and other vices.

But he has eventually gone into rehabilitation. And now, at 22, he has his own family and has two children.

The said experiences had taught him how important one’s family is.