Third Party the Cause of Nikki Valdez Failed Marriage

Nikki Valdez confirmed that a third party was the cause behind her separation from husband Christoph Lina.

Valdez said she had chosen not to talk about it for a long time for the sake of her daughter Olive Isabel.

She could take everything and take all the struggles in marriage but she could not deal with infidelity.

The actress said doing the movie ‘In My Life’ in New York paved the way for her to finally come home.

Valdez knows that until now, the third party is still in a relationship with her husband.

Valdez and Lina were married at St. John Bosco Parish, Makati City on July 7, 2007. After their wedding, They lived in Toronto, Canada after their wedding.

Speculations about their separation swirled after the actress returned to show business in 2009.