Manny Paquiao Intends to Knock Out Timothy Bradley

Manny Pacquiao intends to knock out Timothy Bradley when they clash on June 10, Sunday morning (Manila Time).

Freddie Roach said Manny talked about a knockout for the first time, in an interview with Manila-based sportswriters at the Top Rank Gym.

Roach hopes for a stoppage and he wants Pacquiao to prove wrong those doubters and detractors who claim that Pacquiao’s speed and power are on the wane, following four straight decision wins.

Roach thinks that although Bradley is young and aggressive, Manny will take him to school.

Roach knows this is a big opportunity for Bradley but it comes too soon.

He still lacks skill and experience and has never fought at this level.

The 28-year-old Bradley boasts as many wins as his age but he has scored only 12 knockouts.