Manny Paquiao Prepares For Early Training

Manny Pacquiao’s early workout is in preparation for his coming fight with Shane Mosley.

He now starts on the road and in the gym. Pacman does the six rounds with the mitts, together wtih Buboy Fernandez. Manny’s chief trainer, Freddie Roach and his conditioning coach, Alex Ariza are not yet in the country, they will arrive next week.

He wants to start early in his training because his coming fight with Mosley ,will be going to be a ‘tough fight’. Manny says he should be ready because in boxing, we can never tell.

When Shane Mosley is interviewed at his training camp, he said people from Manny’s camp are taking him lightly because he is old. But Mosley considers himself, as the hardest fighter that Manny could ever fight in his whole life and Manny is never going to fight again, a guy like him. Well, Manny knows this and he is not taking Mosley lightly.