Robin Padilla Withdraws His Entry from MMFF

Robin Padilla, the action star withdraw-ed his ‘Mr. Wong’, a Metro Manila Film Festival entry.

Mr. Padilla pulled out of the festival this year and asked for his P500,000 as deposit.

He is downhearted over the issues surrounding his supposed 2011 MMFF entry.

Robin made his move to give way to ER Ejercito’s film, ‘Manila Kingpin: The Untold Story of Asiong Salonga.

Robin’s group was allegedly behind the schedule and could not finish their entry in time.

Mariel Rodriguez understands his move although disappointed, Mariel supported his husband’s decision.

Padilla gave a statement that would counter allegations that they could not finish the movie.

Padilla addressed Ejercito to return the said personal money which he deposited for the filmfest.

‘Mr. Wong’ would then be Padilla’s initial offering for 2012 and Padilla has also a new offering ‘Toda Max’, a sitcom, together with Vhong Navarro that is set to premiere on Nov. 12.