Lorna Tolentino Feels Bad when Late Hubby Rudy Fernandez Runs For Office

Lorna Tolentino does not want to run for public office just like her ex-rival Alma Moreno.

Alma Moreno is gunning for the Senate this coming 2013 election.

Tolentino has offers to run for a position but she prefers to concentrate on acting.

The actress said she felt bad when her late husband Rudy Fernandez ran for office and didn’t make it.

She saw Rudy’s frustration and Lorna would not want to suffer the same fate.

She is more fulfilled to act before the camera.

After ‘Valiente,’ she will be on ‘Third Eye’ still with TV5.

If she has no project, she rather stays in their farm, Vera Grace in Batangas.

Meanwhile, Lorna does not want to fall in love again. She just want to take good care of herself with the help of her two sons.