Zoren Legaspi Has a Close Encounter With His Wife’s Ex BB Gandanghari

Zoren Legaspi and BB finally faced each other on TV5’s ‘Paparazzi’ last Saturday.

Legaspi has finally agreed to have a one-on-one interview with Carmina Villaroel’s ex busband Rustom Padilla (now BB Gandanghari).

People admire Zoren for being man enough to face BB, and salute BB for also being game.

It’s hard to face someone on the TV cameras with your spouse’s ex, especially in the case of Zoren and BB, who are in such an uncommon situation.

Zoren and BB’s heart-to-heart talk goes to show that there is one kind of love that can give way to one another.

Zoren was convinced to interview BB because he wanted to have an honest-to-goodness talk with him, rather than keep avoiding each other.

The actor also wanted to get to know more about BB because she’s part of Carmina’s history, Zoren said.

There was no reaction from Carmina and their kids because it was really not a big issue for them and it was just for closure between him and BB, Zoren added.

BB said that Zoren was the best man for Carmina and this struck him the most.

He admires BB for her honesty and sincerity, which he felt during the conversation, especially when she said, she hopes that his God will accept her.