Manny Pacquiao is Rumored Again to Have Fathered a Child

A woman said she had no affair with boxing champion and Sarangani congressman Manny Pacquiao and he did not bore him a child.

Rumors that Pacquiao fathered a love child started when the congressman stood as godfather during the baptismal of Kat Ordoñez’s child.

Ordonez said Congressman Manny Pacquiao is not the father of her child.

Manny is only the godfather of her child and the father is in Dubai. She gave birth last November 17, 2010 at the Capital Medical Center.

Ordoñez met Pacquiao through her former boyfriend, who was one of the assistants of the boxing champion but she did not identify Pacquiao’s assistant.

Ordoñez feels bad that she and her baby are being dragged into the controversy.

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