Friends from Showbiz Help Yeng Overcome Depression

Yeng Constantino, the singer-composer said she’s thankful to have great friends in the show business.

Contantino’s friends from showbiz are actually the ones who helped her bounce back from depression.

The unexpected turns of her career, was actually a difficult time for her, Constantino shared.

She said, “Feeling ko nawala na. ‘Yung feeling mo kilala mo ‘yung identity mo as a musician tapos naliliko sa isang direksyon na hindi mo masyadong gusto.”

Looking back at it, Constantino said that she couldn’t help but somehow regret her decision to keep mum about her true feelings about the unwanted changes she had to undergo.

She explained, “I hope nung time na ‘yon nag-decide ako, na sana pala nagsalita ako, pero that time, I was thinking: ‘Hindi kaya parte ‘yon ng career ko, na kailangan ko mag-compromise?’”

Meanwhile, when asked whether she is currently in a relationship, Constantino neither admitted nor denied it. Instead, she gave out a hearty laugh.

Constantino said it is difficult it is for a showbiz personality like her to be romantically involved with someone.

Constantino recently launched her 4th album entitled ‘Yeng Versions Live.’

This is her first live album, and it includes songs such as ‘Alapaap’, ‘Mahirap Magmahal ng Syota ng Iba’, ‘Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking Society’ and many others.