Bea Alonzo Has a Relationship with Zanjoe Marudo

Bea Alonzo, the Star Magic actress has finally said that actor Zanjoe Marudo is her boyfriend.

Alonzo said that she and Marudo have been a couple for almost 7 months.

This was during the press conference of her 24th birthday and 10th year anniversary in showbiz.

Last March 16, Alonzo finally accepted Marudo’s love.
He was shocked and took time to react.

The actress feels, it’s already time to speak up about her relationship with Marudo.

Alonzo said, Marudo is not pretentious and that he says what he feels.

Alonzo said that they will be going to Korea for their 7th month anniversary.

Marudo confessed about his relationship with Alonzo and it will be published soon by StarStudio Magazine.