Melissa Ricks is Prepared to Entertain Suitors

Melissa Ricks gladly revealed that she is ready to love again, more than six months after her split up with Jake Cuenca.

Before Ricks said she won’t entertain suitors. But now she realizes that she will enjoy life.

Ricks is now prepared to entertain suitors.
If a man comes, and she thinks he’s right for her, why not? she said.

If she’ll be given the chance, Ricks said she prefers a non-showbiz boyfriend in her next relationship.

According to Ricks, she has already moved on from her failed relationship with Cuenca, adding that she is now happily single.

Despite all the challenges she had to face in the past months, Ricks still looks at life in an optimistic way.

Ricks is the star of ‘Nasaan Ka Elisa?’