‘Budoy’ Lands on Top Trending Local Topics on Twitter

A day after Budoy’s first episode aired on ABS-CBN, it landed on the top trending local topics of microblogging site.

People responded positively to the first episode of ‘Budoy’ and it ranked second early that night.

Budoy’s main character is played by actor Gerald Anderson.

Kris Aquino said that ‘Budoy’ is a must watch for her because she can relate with Zsa Zsa Padilla’s and Janice de Belen’s characters as mothers.

To love a special child needs a lot of understanding, patience & faith in God’s plan. Kris’son, Josh is a special child.

Comedienne Candy Pangilinan also has a special child and she congratulated the cast and crew of ‘Budoy.’

Some of the stars of ‘Budoy’ expressed their gratitude to fans and supporters because of the overwhelming response to its first episode.