Maricel Soriano Does Not Show Up for Clarificatory Hearing

Maricel Soriano, the veteran actress did not show up for the scheduled clarificatory hearing on Oct. 3 at the Makati Prosecutor’s Office regarding the charges filed against her by her former household helps.

Sorinano’s household helps, May Cachuela and Camille Acojedo, filed cases of grave threats, unjust vexation, slander oral defamation and physical injuries against Soriano.

Their legal counsel Tolie Estrellae was also present during the hearing.
Estrella explained the importance of clarificatory meeting in the case.

The 2 househelps also added two more cases against the actress: kidnapping and serious illegal detention.

In the secured affidavit of the actress, Soriano denied the accusations against her. Sorinao’s camp also denied the accusations.