Tonight is the Final Weigh-in of ‘The Bigggest Loser Pinoy Edition’

Who will be the country’s very first ‘Biggest Loser?’

People will find out tonight, Oct. 8 when the so-called Fab Five – Angela, Art, Hazel, Larry and Raffy, will have their final weigh-in.

It will be the finale of the country’s biggest reality TV show ‘The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition’ to be held at the Ynares Stadium in Pasig City.

Tonight’s final weigh-in determines who among them lost the highest weight percentage and will be declared the very first Pinoy Biggest Loser.

After they left the Biggest Loser Camp, the finalists continued their journey in the real world and underwent rigorous weight loss regimen even without the help of trainers Chinggay Andrada and Jim Saret.

Over the past weeks, contestants were transformed physically, mentally and emotionally.

Angela and Art said they had to make sure they got enough sleep and have a balanced diet.

Art, who is a bar owner, has carried so much burden, pain, humiliation, anger and sadness. Every lost pound was like an excess baggage thrown away and a symbolism of the new him.

Hazel and Raffy, the real-life sweethearts tried hard, to work out twice a day. Hazel considers joining the competition her second life because it unraveled the ‘Hazel’ that has long been suppressed.

Sharon Cuneta and Derek Ramsay are the hosts of the show.