TV5′ ‘Angulo’ Features Vilma Santos

The TV5 features Vilma Santos on its late evening documentary, ‘Anggulo.’

It is the uncovering of how she started her movie career, first break as movie star on ‘Trudis Liit’, her venture as a movie producer, her failed marriage to Edu Manzano and her success as a mayor and governor.

‘Anggulo’ aims to look at her as a person from several angles as a showbiz personality, a politician, as a wife and mother and her success and frustrations.

But it did not really emphasize a detailed analysis on why her first marriage and movie venture failed.

It would have also examined when she was in financial distress early in her career and would have dug deeper into her political career.

It did not also uncover her other romantic relationships with other notable personalities like Romeo Vasquez and many others.