Kris Aquino Favors the Legalization of Divorce

The queen of all media Kris Aquino has expressed her view on the issue of divorce.

Having a personal experience on the expensive process of annulment with her estranged husband James Yap, Aquino favors the legalization of divorce in the country.

Aquino hinted that it is only practical to legalize divorce in our country. She personally experienced the expensive process of annulment with estranged husband, James Yap.

Aquino knew that annulment is costly, and that couples who are not rich may not be able to afford it.

So it’s a pity for those who don’t have enough money to pay for good lawyers and to get the right psychologists.

Aquino said she finds it hard to challenge the views of the Catholic church on the matter, because she comes from a religious family.

She is now looking forward to have the court’s decision so that she can start anew.