Jericho Rosales Takes Up Acting Lesson in the US

Jericho Rosales intended to take up directing classes in the US but he took up acting lessons instead.

A friend advised him that it would be better if he took up acting lessons over directing.

Rosales took up Cinematography class here under Raul Daza. It’s like what the film students do in New York Film Academy.

Echo believes that improving his acting skills will be more beneficial to his career and he still plans to study more in the future.

Aside from taking up acting lessons, he did shows abroad and had experienced to live independently for a short period.

The actor is now preparing himself for his next teleserye, ‘Padre de Pamilya’ where he will share billing with Piolo Pascual and Christopher de Leon.

Maricar Reyes, Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel also joined them in the said series.