Star Vin Diesel is not the Father of Andrea del Rosario’s Child

Actress Andrea del Rosario finally addressed rumors saying that Hollywood action star Vin Diesel is not the father of her daughter.

The American actor is Andrea’s friend and she has no romantic relationship with him.

She received a surprise Christmas greeting from him but after, that’s it.

Meanwhile, she refused to name the father of her daughter Beatrice, saying that he is a very private person.

Del Rosarion can not just mention his name for his privacy, because she really respects him so much.

Andrea said he’s a wonderful person and he does not have anything bad to say about him besides he’s taking good care of his daughter.

Andrea said he daughter Beatrice underwent operation two days after she was born because she was diagnosed with jejunal atresia, an intestinal problem.

Her daughter is now okay after the surgery, but she ended up having short bowel syndrome.