Lorna Tolentino Plans To Pack Rudy’s Memorabilia

Lorna Tolentino plans to pack her husband’s memorabilia.

Rudy’s things like awards, tropies, pictures, scripts and other objects are valued because of its connection to Rudy’s life in entertainment.

It is only now that Lorna has found out that Rudy had cataloged his collections and other stuff. Lorna will store Rudy’s things at the Mansion in Quezon City. Merle Fernandez, Rudy’s sister will take good care of his brother’s memorabilia because she lives within that place. The family plans to inaugurate it in June, during the 3rd death anniversary of Rudy Fernandez.

Lorna Tolentino was married to the late actor Rudy Fernandez. They have sons, Raph and Renz.