Eddie Garcia Has Sexual Encounter with a Another Man?

Eddie Garcia, the veteran actor revealed that he had a sexual encounter with another man when he was young.

In his younger years, maybe when he was 15, he tried to experience everything.

Garcia has an upcoming film,’Praybeyt Benjamin’, with Vice Ganda as the lead star. It is about a gay man who entered military service.

Comedian Vice Ganda is considered a new gay icon by various Filipino homosexual communities.

Actor DJ Durano, another member of the cast also admitted that he had a same-sex relationship when he was young.

Vice Ganda is happy that his co-stars had the ‘nerve’ to open up about their past gay relationships.

He wishes that more people will learn to accept gays and lesbians, as they are recognized in ‘Praybeyt Benjamin.’

Vice Ganda is hosting ‘Showtime’ and ‘Magandang Gabi Vice.’