Judy Ann Santos’ Son Inherits Ryan Agoncillo’s ‘Talkativeness’

Judy Ann Santos said her son Lucho inherited Ryan Agoncillo’s

Santos excitedly shared the developments she has observed in her and husband Ryan Agoncillo’s first-born son. Lucho is now noisy and talkative.

The ‘Junior Master Chef’ host admitted that it’s not easy to attend to her career and family duties to son Lucho and daughter Johan.

She said before that she would be back to work when Lucho is one year old, but since the offer arrived, she grabbed the chance because she wanted something to do.

But she admits, that there are times that she can not focus to work on the set because she wants to go home especially when her child is sick.

Ryan is hosting ‘Talentadong Pinoy’ while Judy Ann is hosting ‘Junior Master Chief.’