Nora Aunor is in ‘Trouble’ Over Smoking Photo

The Philippine Medical Association, an organization that supports the ‘Smoke Free Philippines’ campaign, commented Superstar Nora Aunor for posing in a magazine while holding a cigarette.

Father Robert Reyes, the running priest advocate and volunteer said that Aunor’s photo on the cover of a magazine reflects a bad image of artists.

Reyes added that the Filipino reading public is not dumb. If Aunor wants to be popular again, then she should be wholesome. Artists should inspire people and not to scandalize them.

Aunor is ill-advised and she thinks that she’s moving forward, but it’s a step backward, Reyes added.

The editor-in-chief justified the photo, saying that it best describes the iconic star as what she is today. Aunor speaks out now, against perceived hurts, her sexuality and her children.

Her new openness, is her chosen expression of who she is today and the photo captures her real world. The real concern here is the freedom of expression.

Meanwhile, the magazine supports the ‘Smoke Free Philippines’ campaign.

Aunor is recently busy with TV5’s ‘Sa Ngalan Ng Ina’ and the movie ‘El Presidente.’