Camille Prats Talks About Husband’s Death

For the first time since her husband died, Camille Prats calmly faced the media.

Linsangan, died on Friday morning due to nasopharyngeal cancer.

It all started when Linsangan started to feel a lump on his jaw in June last year and things happened that fast.

Prats could not believe it happened because that time he was only turning 30.

She thought it’s not possible for someone his age to acquire a disease like that. They resort to treatment and had hope that he would get better.

It was in September 2010 when they discovered that Linsangan was already suffering from stage 4 nasopharyngeal cancer.

Prats never showed any sign of weakness because she knew that Linsangan was drawing strength from her.

Linsangan was also supportive of her showbiz project, ‘Munting Heredera’ even when he was already sick.

Prats is sad that she lost her husband, but would like to believe that God has a reason for everything.

Linsangan’s interment is set on Tuesday in Dasmarinas, Cavite.