Derek Ramsay’s Mom Trusts Angelica Panganiban

Derek Ramsay said, he’s happy to know that his mother trusts Angelica Panganiban, enough to lend her some of her most valuable possessions.

The lead star of ‘No Other Woman’ has revealed that the jewelry worn by his girlfriend, actress Angelica Panganiban, during the Star Magic ball belongs to his mother.

His mom’s weakness is jewelry and I’ve never seen anything that is beautiful. Ramsay said that she trusted Angel with all her stuff.

Panganiban is welcome to his family, Ramsay shared.

His mom, dad and the whole family wanted to get to know her. And now that they do, she’s already part of their family.

Ramsay’s five-year relationship with Panganiban is the strongest relationship he ever had.

He hopes that he and Panganiban could continuously outdo all the trials that may come along their way.