Anne Curtis Plays the Other Woman

After actress Anne Curtis played the role of a mistress in Star Cinema’s ‘No Other Woman’, she does not afraid to be perceived as bad girl in real life.

Curtis said that she’s just doing a character, and in real life, she will never ever want to be the ‘other woman.’

It’s a big no to her in real life. She will never allow herself to be the second choice, Curtis said.

In ‘No Other Woman,’ Curtis portrays the role of Kara Zalderiaga, a beautiful-socialite woman. Despite having so many boyfriends, she is emotionally detached to love.

The movie also stars Derek Ramsay who plays the role of Ram Escaler, a dedicated husband to Cristine Reyes’ character Charmain Escaler.

It’s directed by Ruel Bayani and will be shown on September 28.