The Fistfight Between Coco Martin & Matteo Guidicelli Does Not Help ‘Thelma’

Maja Salvador is caught in the middle of the brawl issue between Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli.

Salvador confirmed that Coco and Matteo had a fistfight and she is the reason behind it.

Star Magic’s official statement said that what happened between Coco and Matteo was just a case of misunderstanding and the issue has already been resolved.

But people are saying that the fistfight between Guidicelli and her leading man Martin, that happened before the opening of her movie, ‘Thelma’, didn’t help the said movie.

Although the movie, generated really beautiful reviews for director Paul Soriano and the lead actress and it was reeking with positivism.

The negative publicity about Maja confused the audience while others thought that the low turnout of moviegoers proved that actress is not ready for a solo role at this time.