Floyd Mayweather Challenges Pacquiao Again to Take a Drug Test

Few days before the ‘Star Power’ bout of Floyd Mayweather versus Victor Ortiz, Mayweather challenges the boxing champion Manny Pacquiao again, to take the drug test.

It was during their press conference at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, when the 2 boxers exchanged ‘trash talk’ and posed for the press.

Mayweather said that he gonna go there with class and also leave with class while Ortiz said that on Sunday (Sept. 18), somebody is scared but he will hold his hands up.

Age is not a factor to beat the much younger Ortiz, said Mayweather. He’s one of the most experienced boxers, a future hall of famer and it’s a blessing, Mayweather added.

Manny Pacquiao is the host of the show, ‘Manny Many Prizes’.