Rustom Padilla Evades Question About Sex Operation Issues

Rustom Padilla, known as BB Gandanghari evaded questions whether he already had a sex-change operation or not.

Gandanghari was rumored to have undergone a sex change operation although he did not deny or confirm it.

Gandanghari thinks that it would be better if people would not prod him anymore about the issue because it is very personal.

Gandanghari returned to the Philippines last March after spending two years in New York.

Meanwhile, when asked if all is well between him and his family now, Gandanghari said, he’s okay with some and not so okay with some.

Gandanghari is glad to have the support of his mother and still hoping that his family will understand him and accept things as they are.

He is willing to make the first move to patch things up with brother Robin Padilla.

Robin is ‘shocked’ with his brother and admitted that things are not well between them.