Amalia Fuentes Says Eddie Gutirrez is a Coward

Amalia Fuentes, the former movie queen is still fuming mad with Eddie Gutierrez.

Fuentes said, Gutierrez should declare a waiver on TV that the views or the language that Annabelle Rama, his wife is using doesn’t necessarily have to reflect his own views.

It’s because Eddie is a coward, he can’t stop his wife. It is about time that Eddie shall act like a man.

The former queen explained that despite the insulting and below the belt tweets of Annabelle Rama about her, she was more disgusted with how Eddie handled the situation.

She had been trying to contact Eddie ever since Annabelle insinuated that Amalia was still madly in love with Eddie.

Amalia has handsome and sexy man like Romeo Vasquez for boyfriend and husband, and a well respected sportsman who has money, she could not ask for more.

After them, Amalia said she would no longer consider Eddie Gutierrez.

Besides, she also added that during the time she and Eddie were working at Sampaguita Pictures, she found Eddie to be the weakling type.

She didn’t want to hurt Eddie because he’s a friend and the godfather of her daughter Liezl Martinez.

He is a harmless guy but he ‘under’ Annabelle and Amalia lost respect in him because of what he has become.

Despite Annabelle’s malicious remarks, Amalia is not yet considering filing charges against her.

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  1. Annabelle talaga baboy yan tignan na lang natin when she was younger nagpalabas ng masagwang pelikula.  Nagpakita ng sensitive parts nya kaya walanghiya ang babaing yan.  Dapat ikahiya yan ng mga anak niya – dapat irelease ang pelikula nya noong 1970s para malaman ng mga younger generation at mga anak nya kung anong kagaguhan at kabastusan ang ginawa niya sa pelikula.  
    Ipakita sa mga anak ni Ruffa kung gaano kababoy ang kanilang lola at tignan natin kung maipagmamalaki nila ito. 

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