Lovi Poe & Nora Aunor are Mobbed by the Tawi-Tawi Residents

The cast of ‘Thy Womb,’ the latest film of Brillante Mendoza had a recent trip to Tawi-Tawi in Mindanao.

Lovi Poe, the first-time visitor to the island said that it was such a beautiful place and everyone was so nice to them.

Lovi and co-star Nora Aunor were mobbed by the residents when they landed on the island, despite their military escorts.

People said they always watch ‘Legacy’. They were looking for Heart Evangelista and Alessandra de Rossi, who played the characters of Diana and Bernadette on the soap.

Lovi was thankful that the network allowed her to do Mendoza’s film and was given a week off.

She had the chance to work with Aunor and Mendoza.

Lovi plays the character of Natasha, a complicated and a real person, not just a saint or just a villain.

The indie film, ‘Thy Womb’ also stars Bembol Roco and Mercedes Cabral.