Lea Salonga Rates Shamcey Supsup Second

The Philippines’ candidate for Miss Universe ,Shamcey Supsup, got third runner-up in the prestigious beauty pageant.

But Lea Salonga, one of the nine judges rated Supsup second.

Lea Salonga, the Tony Award winner and the only Filipina judge in this year’s Miss Universe, really liked Supsup’s answer, as she said it with conviction and honesty.

She ranked Shamcey Supsup second, if she’s being honest. Salonga she wrote in an article published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and has no idea how the other judges ranked Supsup.

In the case of Leila Lopes of Angola, who won the crown of Miss Universe, Salonga said all the judges were all unanimous in their decision.

She did not write her question. All questions were pre-written and each judge was assigned one.