Cristine Reyes Ignores Issue with her Sister Ara Mina

Many movie writers are taking Ara Mina’s side in her conflict with sister Cristine Reyes.

Ara always maintains a good relationship with the press since her heydays as a sexy star in the 90’s, when she did the sexy films like ‘Sagad sa Init,’ ‘Pahiram Kahit Sandali,’ ‘Kahapon May Dalawang Bata.’

The former sexy actress is considered the underdog in their feud after Cristine threatened their family with malicious messages on Twitter.

Cristine also revealed in her Twitter messages that it’s not their mom, Frances Klenk, who reared her but her Santolan family, who took care of her, so she loves them very much.

Cristine’s own immediate family tried to patch things up but all efforts to get her side had all failed.

She did not even answer her phone and was just ignoring the issue.