Mariel Rodriguez is Undergoing Negotiation with TV5

Television host Mariel Rodriguez admitted that she has actually thought about switching networks.

Rodriguez confirmed that she is currently undergoing negotiations with TV5.

Willie Revillame offered Rodriguez and everything is still under negotiation, she said.

ABS-CBN, her mother station is also aware about her plan to transfer to another station.

She’s very grateful to ABS-CBN and Kuya Willie because Mariel became a household name because of ‘Wowowee’ of ABS-CBN.

Her primary consideration in making this move is to secure her future.

It’s really time to think of the future and she needs security.

Rodriguez has been working with ABS-CBN for quite some time now without signing a contract, including ‘Happy Yipee Yehey’.

As of this time, Rodriguez is still undecided and ABS-CBN convinces her to stay with a counter offer.