Marian Rivera Goes Topless in ‘Amaya’

The actress Marian Rivera will go topless in the eperserye ‘Amaya’.

After a 3-month vacation from her last project, Endless Love, Marian Rivera has a busy schedule nowadays. She is preparing for her next epicserye, Amaya with GMA7.

Marian has practical sessions on the fundamental skills and techniques of arnis and wushu. She needs these lessons of martial arts for her role as a warrior princess.

Since Amaya is an ‘epicserye’, she plays a role of a slave and a princess. As a slave, she has some scenes that require her to go topless.

Amaya is directed by Mac Alejandre.

Marian Rivera is dubbed the Primetime Queen of GMA, and a real life sweetheart of actor Dindong Dantes.