Maja Salvador Admits She is the Cause of Coco Martin & Matteo Guicelli’s Fight

Actress Maja Salvador admitted that she was the cause of actors Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli’s quarrel after the Star Magic Ball.

Salvador also revealed for the first time, that she and Guidicelli are in a relationship, but after what happened, Salvador said she is not sure anymore where their relationship is going.

Allegedly, Guidicelli has long been jealous of Martin since the latter was paired with Salvador in the television series ‘Misan Lang Kita Iibigin.’

The actress said she would rather not talk about the incident in detail and instead just focus on the film ‘Thelma’.

The Star Magic management said, it was just a simple case of misunderstanding and everything has already been patched up between the 2 actors.