Maja Salvador Ventures Into Business as Co-Producer of ‘Thelma’

Actress Maja Salvador joined the producer and accepted the offer as a co-producer of ‘Thelma’.

Maja accepted the offer as a co-producer because of her faith and confidence in the project.

She did not collect the rest of her talent fee for the film and invest it as an industrial partner in the business venture.

‘Thelma’ is an indie film produced by Time Horizon Pictures. It is about a marathon runner who battles against the odds.

National athlete Elma Murros trained Maja in a long-distance running to prepare her for the film. Maja now uses it as a measure to keep fit and lose weight.

Maja made lot of sacrifices, having bruises in her feet and legs as she ran on rugged barangay roads bare-footed because she portrayed the character of a poor farmer’s daughter in the film.

Maja had just finished her teleserye project ‘Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin’ with Coco Martin and controversial star Andi Eigenmann.

Elma Muros was named Asia’s fastest woman in the 80’s. She joined ‘Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition’, a reality TV show.