Queenie Padilla Does Not Treat Mariel Rodriguez As Her Step-Mom

Queenie Padilla does not treat Mariel Rodriguez as her step-mother but considers her, a friend or barkada.

Queenie describes Mariel Rodriguez as friendly, generous and very caring. She can share anything to Mariel and ask advices from her Tita.Mariel. Queenie welcomes the idea , when her father and Mariel will soon have a baby. She says, a baby in the family is always a blessing.

Queenie Padilla is the daughter of Robin Padilla and Liezel Sicangco. Liezl is now married and living in Australia.

Queenie wishes to make her own ‘name’ in the showbiz industry. She starts her television career in ABS-CBN’s primetime series, Momay where she is paired with popular housemate of Pinoy Big Brother, Ejay Falcon.