Dindong, Cherie & Kris Most Formidable Names in Showbiz

Dindong Dantes, Cherie Gil and Kris Aquino are the three of the most formidable names in show business.

The road manager of Dingdong Dantes describes him off-cam, as just funnier, sweet, thoughtful and intelligent person. He is a good adviser and a very good listener. He is also a very good guy with breeding and a thinking artist.

The hairstylist of actress Cherie Gil describes her as the number one contrabida on screen and off-screen, she’s down-to-earth person, loving and a caring friend.

The designer of Kris Aquino describes the Queen of All Media as whether on-cam or off-cam Kris is the same. She can be described as ‘what you see is what you get’. Kris is caring and loving.