Charice Pempengco is Out of Glee Because of Her Busy Schedule

After it was reported that Charice Pempengco won’t be part of Glee Season 3, it was allegedly because of the management’s decision not to upset the show’s lead star, Lea Michele.

The international singing sensation was part of Glee Season 2, playing the role of Sunshine Corazon, a Filipina exchange student and the rival of Rachel Berry played by Lea Michele.

Charice was originally set to have 5 appearances but she has only appeared in the opening and the last 2 episodes of the show.

‘Glee’ spokesman said that the rumor is categorically untrue.

They love Charice, and she was a wonderful addition to Glee’s last season.

She appeared in fewer episodes last year than they originally anticipated but this was due to her busy schedule and the natural creative process in which the story was written, did not materialize as planned.